Sunday, November 1, 2009

Otuataua Stonefields and Ihumatao Fossil Forests

Our first adventure was when we went to the stonefields and the fossil forests. We drove to Mangere. The stonefields are at the end of Ihumatao Quarry Road.

There were lots of stone walls.

At the end of a stony path there was an avocado orchard. We read the sign and it said you were allowed to take for free five avocados each from November to March.

It was a cloudy, windy, rainy, sunny day. Sometimes all at once.

I thought it was spooky at the Stonefields because there were no people there. My mum thought it was cool because there were no people there.

I thought there was going to be a thunderstorm and got worried. I wanted to go. Then it started raining. So we ran to the car and made a change of plan.

We decided to go the fossil forests. By the time we got there it was sunny. The forest is at the end of Renton Road. The road was bumpy because it was full of holes.

At the beach the tide was out. It was muddy. We waded out into the forest. It's not a forest with leaves and standing up trees. It's fallen down kauri trees that have been buried in a peat swamp for thousands of years. I heard some kids hunting for crabs. We were the only ones there.

The beach is next to the airport. We saw lots of planes coming to land.
By Rocky and Sandra (who transcribed Rocky talking)

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