Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clevedon and Maraetai

At the beginning of December me and Sandra (my mum) went to Clevedon and Maraetai.

We went south to Papakura. It was bigger than I expected. One thing I didn't expect was getting lost on the way. There were no signs that pointed to Clevedon. So we drove in the direction we thought it would be in and we were right.

About 15 minutes later we got to Clevedon. Then we saw a market in the town hall. So we went and I got a book called Sign Spotting. So I thought I would spot some signs.

After that we drove up a road and found a historic house which was a museum. It smelled all musty. There was a helpful lady that showed us upstairs into a kitchen room. The room had lots of old kitchen furniture like an oven, pots, bottles, washing machine. This was quite like Onehunga Blockhouse (an old post on this blog).

We went outside and a man said I could raise the flag of New Zealand. He was putting on the flag pole. I raised it. I've never raised a flag before so it was quite an experience.

There were lots of sheds with machinery, bottles, wire and lots of other tools.

We went to Maraetai. I wanted to stop at some other places but Sandra (my Mum) said no. Too many places in one day. But she did stop at a windy beach just before Maraetai.

I was so thirsty and hungry at Maraetai we had to go and get drinks. We got two Deep Springs, one orange and one lemon. We ate our lunch on the beach. Then we walked to the wharf and saw people jumping off it. There was a sign saying no diving off it.

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