Sunday, January 3, 2010

Puhoi, Warkworth, Matheson's, Goat Island & Leigh

I've had lots of adventures since my last post.

It was the end of November and we went to Puhoi, Warkworth, Matheson's Bay, Goat Island and Leigh all in one day.

First we drove over the harbour bridge and out of town. About half an hour later we got to Puhoi. I saw the smallest library I've ever seen. We went to the farmer's market and me a Travis had a play in a playground. We went to an antique store. I saw a suit of armour made of tin. It was from India.

Next we went to Warkworth. We stopped at the museum there. Me and Sandra (my mum) went on a trail to a look out by a kauri tree. It was giant and it was 800 years old.

After that we went to look in an old jail. We started shouting and waving our fists around so we got put in the stocks.

Next we went into town to look at the old bank and other buildings. First we looked at an old mustard coloured building with a red roof. I didn't know its name but I didn't care because it still looked awesome. It had wire fences around it because I think they were doing renovations on it.

On the way out of Warkworth I saw a river. It looked really muddy and there were kayaks in it.

Our next stop was Matheson's Bay. There were sandy islands and a brown estuary without any fish. I found an island and called it Rocky Island. The island was where the estuary looped around. Then a started throwing rocks in the water like I always do and the beach.

After that we had to hop in the car because it was getting late. I didn't go across the bridge over the estuary. I went through the water!!!!

Next we drove to Goat Island. Goat Island is a marine reserve where you can stand in the water and see lots of fish swirling around your legs. Except it was too rough for that this day. Instead I sat on the rocks, jumped on them, and my feet were hurting like hell. The rocks were sharp and I left my shoes in the car. How silly!! We walked around a very narrow bit of sand where the water was flying up like hands trying to grab you. We found a big rock and stood on it. And found a little cove. I thought the water was deep there. Over my head.

Then we went to Leigh to get fish and chips for dinner. I didn't like the sauce with the chips. So I ordered some tomato sauce. Then it tasted heaps better.

After fish and chips we drove down the road and saw a really good view of Little Barrier Island. Then we went home to Auckland.

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