Friday, January 8, 2010

Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve

The reserve at the end of West Tamaki Road was full of ducks and pukeko, well-organised picnickers (deck chairs, barbecues, chilly bins) and bird watchers with enormous cameras. No thank you to swimming on this tide, but plenty mud-wading and digging to be had.

We left this open area pretty quickly, wanting to explore the spit which stretches almost to Bucklands Beach at low tide.

Excellent trails (shell and gravel) passed through bush and beside mangrove swamps and ponds on the Lagoon walk to Sandspit Beach.

There were a few people on the track, and just a couple on the beach. I selfishly love having places like this (almost) to ourselves. We didn't make it to the end of the spit, only to the point where the bush ended. There were signs asking us to respect the nesting and wading birds, but we didn't see any. In case we needed one, an excuse to visit here again.

Tahuna Torea walking trail map
Tahuna Torea walking trail map

The reserve was going to become a rubbish dump or (bloody hell) a marina in the 1970s, but some forward-thinking residents formed The Tamaki Estuary Protection Society, and thanks to them this place was created and preserved.

The boy who doesn't like to leave the house declared it to be his favourite place in Auckland.

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