Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lynfield Cove Coastal Walkway - Anzac Day

Starting at the bottom of Gilletta Road, we took the walkway on the left of this tidal cove.  Liked the laminated signs notifying us we were entering a Kereru sanctuary.  Up the steps.  The smell of pine trees and wafts of the Last Post.  About two minutes in we stopped at a lookout.  As many minutes later we emerged from the scrappy bush at the bottom of Strathnaver Drive, a neatly kept cul de sac.  The well-cared for walkway pointed down hill, so we followed it.
The track followed with harbour with houses and their front lawns up the slope to our left.  After a bit we decided to turn back.  It was getting hotter and we had no water bottles.  Hopelessly unprepared this time.  Backtracked to the cove.

This handy council map showed us we didn't get far at all. We decided we'd like to do the rest with the other half of our family.  Sometime soon.

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