Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mangere Bridge Foreshore

Our intention was to look at the furrowed lava flows (pahoehoe) on Kiwi Esplanade, a result of the eruption of Mangere 18,000 years ago.  But our timing was wrong, the flows are best seen at mid-low tide.

The full Manukau harbour was a glorious sight, no chop on the water, a warm autumn day.  So we drove to the end of the esplanade to Ambury farm, wishing we had our bikes, and wondering why the place wasn't as populated as some of Auckland's Eastern Beaches (and secretly liking that).

Bird Refuge - hundreds of Oyster Catchers

Looking toward Mangere mountain, the seagull house in the distance

Oyster Catcher in flight, looking toward Waikowhai

The seagull house up close

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