Sunday, December 13, 2015

Te Ara I Whiti - The Light Path

Auckland's Te Ara I Whiti / The Light Path opened on 3 December.  Auckland's newest cycle and walkway can be accessed from Canada Street or Nelson Street.  A new bridge has been built from Canada Street over the motorway to join the old Nelson Street offramp which has been boldly surfaced in pink.  

The curving Canada Street bridge is not as flashy as the offramp section, but is the perfect introduction to the pink path.  The sides lean in, but without constraint, the proportion is right, with enough room for pedestrians and cyclists travelling in either direction.  

Te Ara I Whiti is bright, and wide, with walled sides leaning out.  Motorway traffic zooms below. Toward the K Road bridge the sky tower reveals itself. Peeps of the Waitamata can be seen.  There has been some comment about Te Ara I Whiti being too enclosed, cutting off views of the harbour and city.  Although the sides are metal grills with glass above, the vista is still revealed.  

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